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Netflix just shoved fiction up Marvel's ...


It was supposed to be the end. Like .. truely. I am very much biased and have a tendency to agree with whatever LCDP decides to do. Up intil last season, I found a justification for most of their decision and I truely beleived/still do that the series was being well rolled out to the viewers. Well, that all changed this season.

It felt like “Hey, trick or treat?”

Once the season ends, I looked back and Im like … ok? so what happened this season? Part three ended with a lot of increasing suspense and action which only made all of us love La Casa De Papel (ah also, PLEASE stop calling it Money Heist, I dunno why Netflix insists), even more. The nature of the end of part three made this part starts also with a lot of action and suspense. You play the first episode and you just want to skip the recap, the into, some clips, and go check on Nairobi. It just did not make sense that she would die. The trailer also showed surgery and fighting over saving Neirobi from the lung bullet so it made us beleive that they will save her (which they did, the trick is yet to come). All this is paraller to the Professor, literally the bone of every strategy, beleiving that Raquel was kiled. Here the show had two great oppurtunities to speed events up the the beginning and keep us on our toes for at least two hours --> between saving Nairobi, saving the professor, and using Raquel as a coming back card. I gotta say they, I really enjoyed most of Nairobi’s scenes. Specially the bit where they fight about how to deal with her injury since she actually told them please give me up I need a hospital. The show succeeded in clearly showing the stress in the atmosphere and the achievment of the police creating internal chaos by spreading the fake Raquel news. HOWEVER, anything else was a huge disappointment.

There is literally no reason for the first four episodes. The bit where Tokyo helped the professor realise that the news was a trap was also waisted. I was waiting to see the professor putting his shit together and announcing a war and act crazy accordingly, but this did not happen until the very end of the season. It just ended at “OHH yea smart Tokyo, I never saw the body”.

THEN comes Flash 🦸

The PRO assasin who got to escape because Palermo revealed the craz secret of breaking your thump’s joint. But why did he? Well because he did not feel he is the boss anymore. Uh and why again did he attempt to leave the building with a fake bag with pumpkins? just to try and put pressure? Well …

Our pro assasin is not only capable of breaking his thumb 😸 he can also avoid bullets Matrix style! He first attacks all team members but Tokyo and Nairobi in the middle of the hallway with no bullet touching him! Though the wall had like … stuff 😄 he can use to hide. In the final attack again where the distaster happen and the lovely Nairobi is lost, he also just stand in the middle of the hall facing four/five of them, kills Nairboi, fires back at them flies Matrix style, and continues his escape towards the panic room (should I feel satisfied with the grenade? well Im not). Hmm …

I am still biased and liked the action

Lots of scenes in the season are really really appreciated. Especially towards the end of it. The operation of getting Raquel back and sending her to the bank is brilliant, and the personal effort of the detective in check-mating the professor is expected but fun too. They just were not enough. Because once you are done, you feel like you returned to where you started (except Nairobi is missing and some data were leaked). I was really expected more, but I guess the La Casa De Papel will never quit the act of releasing short sesons to stay and stretch to stay there for a while.

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